Marbled Murrelets

Brachyramphus marmoratus

Approximately the size of a dove, Marbled Murrelets are a unique member of the Auk family. A bird of two habitats, they feed in marine waters on forage fish including sand lance, herring, and anchovy, but nest in mature forests, up to 80 km inland. Their range extends from Alaska to Northern California.


Listen for the common call or 'keer' of the Marbled Murrelet:

In Oregon..

The first Marbled Murrelet nest in Oregon was discovered by researcher Kim Nelson in 1990. Since then, 78 nests have been located, of which, only 30 were active when found. 

Nests remain a challenge to locate. Flying silently into their nests during low light hours at speeds ranging up to 90 miles per hour, Marbled Murrelets make their destination nearly impossible to spot from the ground.

Currently listed as threatened under both the Federal and State Endangered Species Act, a greater sampling of nests has become crucial to understanding the specific factors impacting population declines. 

Nest - Kim Nelson Tillamook nest2.jpg